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Fundamentals Module III: Munich

Listening skills you'll learn:

Yin Rhythm: After being exposed to the Shape of Qi and the Yang Rhythm, you'll be ready to engage a deeper rhythm, the Yin Rhythm. You'll learn to palpate the rhythm (yin tide, or yin rhythm) and the state (the fluid body). With this you'll have the gateway to a deeper state of dynamic stillness, and access to the palpatory experience of all fluids in the body, including Xue, JinYe, Dampness... you'll be able to feel under your hands yin deficiency as different experience than damp-heat or blood stasis.
Extraordinary Vessels: Closely related to the fluid body, the Extraordinary Vessels give us a means to engage with the deeper state of dynamic stillness and Yuan Qi.

Channel Listening Evaluation:  continue deepening on how to listen to the channels, refine the palpaptory skills and grasp nuances. 
Shape of Qi needling: Now with a better grasp of the Shape of Qi, this technique is presented in depth and practiced in all practice sets. The goal is to facilitate the engagement with Qi and be able to effectively work with the dynamic.

In this final module, you'll review all the topics you've been exposed to in the 3 modules.

Instructors: Rayén Antón
Teaching Assistants: 2-4 depending on the size of the group.
Days of training: 3 
This class is sequential.
Requirements: Module II
Location: Munich - Germany

Earlier Event: April 30
Fundamentals Module III: Amersfoort