EV Fundamentals Course Series

How to make contact to feel the qi

How to make contact to feel the qi

The fundamental course series consists of three modules, each module building directly on the previous one. Each of the 3 courses is a prerequisite for the next. Modules are paced to allow for depth of learning, building on skills from the course that came before, ample time to practice skill sets, and opportunities to learn methods to integrate these skills into your practice to improve clinical efficacy.

To afford extensive hands-on practice with direct supervision, class size is limited.

  • In Modules 1 and 2, participants learn to practice assessing the qi by assessing diagnostic changes in the body's motions, rhythms, discrete temperature changes, and areas of restriction. These EV methods are the diagnostic assessments of this palpatory approach.

  • In Module 3, Rayén will show how these diagnostic aids can deepen our understanding, improve our ability, and assess the body's fluids.

WHEN: EV Modules 1,2 and 3 series is offered yearly every spring in the Pacific Northwest. For 2019, EV is in Portland, Oregon. EV will post 2020 dates & location as soon as details are confirmed.

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