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Fundamentals Module II: Munich

Listening skills you'll learn:

Global listening: After being exposed to Local Listening, now learn to feel the least open place from a global perspective. A quick way to get you to the least open place where you can start the conversation with your patient's presentation in the present moment. Global Listening will take you to Local Listening in seconds. It'll help you bypass the apparent conceptual contradictions by taking you to the place where Qi's flow is restricted and disturbed. 
Channel listening : Learn to feel the channels as a whole, start exploring their qualities and the experience of openness or blockage.
Channel Listening Selection: learn to feel the connection among a local listening and a singular channel, identify the distinct hallmark and work with this information to get to a profound and gentle resolution.
Refine Needling: Learn to accurately locate the point and the depth of insertion by refining the quality of your contact and attention.

Instructors: Marguerite Dinkins (USA)
Teaching Assistants: 2-4 depending on the size of the group.   
Days of training: 2
Requirements: Module I
Location: Munich - Germany

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Fundamentals Module I: Munich
Later Event: March 13
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