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Fundamentals Module I: Amersfoort

Listening skills you'll learn:

Shape or Qi: Direct palpatory experience of Qi. Learn about its normal and pathological qualities. Learn to listen and facilitate the conditions to the state of dynamic stillness, where the natural healing capacities take charge.
This is the first gateway that will lead you out of your head and into your hands.   
Shape of Qi needling: brief introduction to a way of needling consistent with the state of Qi we're trying to facilitate.
Manual Thermal Evaluation: active points and areas give off a thermal signal, train your hands to feel it precisely. A tremendously helpful tool in point selection, even if you follow protocols, now you'll know when a point is active or not (and if it makes sense to needle it or not!), also will help you track when is time to remove your needles. Excellent tool to help you prevent overdose.
Manual thermal evaluation is also used to evaluate the vitality of the 3 burners, giving you a sense of the overall state of your patient and immediate feedback about your needling technique. 
Yang Rhythm: Palpatory experience for the yang qi in the body. Learn to identify normal and pathological qualities. Use as feedback for effective needling. Effective measure to prevent overdose.
 Local listening: Learn to feel the place(s) where Qi is not open, the local restriction where everything organizes around.

This class is sequential.
Requirements: Acupuncture training
Trainers: Bart Wintjes and Felix deHaas
Location: Amersfoort - Netherlands
Teaching Assistants: 2-4 depending on the size of the group 
Days of training: 2 (10/30/2020 & 11/1/2020)

Earlier Event: October 10
Ignition and Midspace: Munich
Later Event: December 12
Fundamentals Module I: Munich