Thanks for the EV Module 3 Course in Portland, OR

Hi EV team,
I wanted to send a thank you to all of you - Rayén, Kailey, Marguerite and Dan for this weekend, as well as the whole course. 
The class and toolbox is exactly what I had been looking for! As much as I love Chinese Medicine, I was frustrated by the gap between the theory and the practice, and the absence of a shared palpatory experience and relationship to qi. I've been using what I've learned in the course on all my patients in clinic, and it has been taking some of the "guess work" out of whether or not a treatment is working. 
The most exciting moments this weekend were working with another practitioner and being able to feel the same things as one another. I had this with other students in the course, as well as with each of you! Thank you very much for those experiences; I have left with a greater understanding of the material, as well as several distinct impressions of qi that will help to improve my practice. 
A. J.