3 Unexpected Ways EV Can Enhance Your Practice

With steady engagement with the EV material and consistent practice and utilization of the palpation techniques, in time anybody can come to discover how the EV material can enhance their practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine, expand their capacity to flexibly approach patient’s problems from a multitude of viewpoints, and deepen their appreciation for the practice of East Asian medicine….

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Amanda Anuraga on EV

This might be a familiar scenario: Your new patient comes in and you want to help them feel better. The patient's intake is complex, and there are many long and intertwining issues that have been in play for years. You wonder what technique from your acupuncture toolbox you'd like to use and you want to know that when the patient leaves, you've made some positive changes for the body to integrate until the next time they schedule.

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Thanks for the EV Module 3 Course in Portland, OR

Hi EV team,
I wanted to send a thank you to all of you - Rayén, Kailey, Marguerite and Dan for this weekend, as well as the whole course. 
The class and toolbox is exactly what I had been looking for! As much as I love Chinese Medicine, I was frustrated by the gap between the theory and the practice, and the absence of a shared palpatory experience and relationship to qi. I've been using what I've learned in the course on all my patients in clinic, and it has been taking some of the "guess work" out of whether or not a treatment is working. 

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Blue Poppy newsletter: QUINNSESSENTIALS: 2019 May 6

I have just finished the second of three modules in an Engaging Vitality (EV) training with Dan Bensky, Marguerite Dinkins, and Rayén Antón, L.Ac. Chip Chace was a part of the original EV team of developers and teachers, but he sadly passed last year—Rayén will teach the third module next month. This is the second time I have gone through this training. (I think for anything you want to learn, it’s important to expose yourself to it multiple times.)

It is a bit difficult to know where to start in describing this unique approach to acupuncture. It is so different that no other style approaches it in character or technique; it truly stands alone. Current students and seasoned acupuncturists with decades of experience are in the EV training with me, and both seem to pick up the work at about the same pace. Interesting that previous clinical experience in East Asian Medicine seems to not guarantee success in EV. What brings success is approaching the work with a spirit of openness and a willingness to follow the precise instructions given. Seeing the excellent performance of the students in the class, I find myself wishing I had come on this work long ago.

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Chip's Obituary: Journal of Chinese Medicine • Number 119 •February 2019

The East Asian medical world lost one of its most extraordinary teachers and practitioners when Charles ‘Chip’ Chace passed away on 3rd November

2018 due to pancreatic cancer. Chip lived a well-considered and coherent life. Regardless of whether he was rope soloing a rock climbing route, sharing his knowledge and love for the traditions of East Asian medicine, or just sitting quietly, he always fully expressed his being. His strong centre allowed him to be a generous and caring soul, someone who could be both self-effacing and yet memorable. His presence and thoughtful interactions have left a profound impression on everyone who had the good fortune to come into his sphere. His motto, ‘Grace and Power’, was an apt descriptions of who he was.

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